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F3 Shotgun


Blaser F3

 intertia block system

Trigger.  100% mechanical, single selective trigger set at 3.3 lbs from the factory.  In-line design of both the hammer and firing pin,  enbles the best possible use of kinetic energy.  The trigger “shoe” can be set to the angle of the shooter’s figure, as well as an adjustment for length.  The Inertia Block System (“IBS”) prevents involuntary doubling or fan firing. 


Safety.  Hammers are caught in the safety catch system in the event of shocks or drops, regardless of whether or not the safety is in the “on safe” position.  As a combined result of the low center bores, placement arrangement of the hinge pins, breech and lock-up, there is minimal strain on the lock system during shooting, thereby optimizing the useful life of your shotgun.f3 opening


Barrels.  Blaser barrels are manufactured with special high-grade steel with excellent strength characteristics for barrels, tailored exactly to ideally calculated values.  Internal bore diameters are .735 with flat forcing cones, and hard chromed inside.    These three innovations (“Triplex”) set the ideal combination of high muzzle velocity, excellent shot pattern with relatively low recoil.  All barrels are proofed for steel shot.   


 f3 balancer

Stock.  In conjunction with the stock bolt, all Blaser shotguns are equipped with a Balancer.  The balance is a threaded rod with two weight cylinders which allow for individual adjustment of weight distribution. 





For the demanding competitor who competes in both the 12ga and the 20ga events, it is a real "winning factor" to have one gun with two sets of barrels offering exactly the same characteristics.

The 20 ga. barrel of the F3 has exactly the same overall weight, balance and weight distribution as the 12 ga and is also equipped with the same rib.
The 20 ga Competition is available in 30" and 32" barrel length and comes with Briley Spectrum screw-in chokes.  


Available for immediate delivery, 28 ga. barrels in either 30” or 32”.  Contact Alamo Sporting Arms, by either e-mail or phone (210) 829-0297, to order your 28 ga. barrel today.


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