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R93 Rifle



Blaser R93 


Illumination Control.  Blaser, known for their innovative approach to the manufacturing of rifles, is proud to announce their joint venture with Carl Zeiss - Illumination Control (iC).  The iC operates with a small magnetic encoder in the cocking slide of the R93 and a sensor in the eyepiece of the Varipoint scope.  By placing the cocking slide in the fire position, the Varipoint illuminated reticle is activated; placing the cocking slide in the safe position, the Varipoint is turned off. 


The advantages of the iC system are crystal clear.  The iC system allows you to stay focused on the clear shot.  No longer will you, the hunter, have to worry about switching on the illuminated reticle.  Place the cocking slide in the fire position.  Now the R93 is in fire position, simultaneously activating the Zeiss iC Varipoint illuminated reticle.  Now you, your rifle, and your scope are ready for that clear, perfect shot! 


For the right-handed shooters, no need to remove your forward hand to activate the illuminated reticle.  For the left-handed shooters, no need to remove your hand from the pistol grip to activate the illuminated reticle.


Success Through Innovation 



The invention of the R93 straight-pull bolt action is nothing short of a revolution.  When repeating, the lock pulls back and pushes forward in a straight line.  There is no rotation of the bolt handle upwards or downwards; minimizing body movement during secondary shots, allowing for additional time to re-aim; both advantages on drive and big game hunts.


Safe.  The R93 is carried uncocked, completely protected against unintentional release.  It is readied for shooting by pushing the cocking slide forward.  The accurate direct trigger makes the set trigger an unnecessary risk factor.  The entire procedure quickly becomes second nature.


Accurate.  The barrel is mounted exclusively in the metal action and is accurate under any condition.  Also fundamental to accuracy is the Blaser direct trigger.  Indeed, every detail of the R93 is designed for maximum precision. 


Reliable.  All lock functions are free of wear and tear to a great extent and enclosed to keep out dirt and snow.  Simple takedown makes the R93 easy to clean, even when in use.  The robust barrel and action finish increases overall resistance to the elements.


Huntable.  Perfect weight distribution, reduced length and a manageable shape makes the R93 safe and stable when aiming.  It can also be taken down in seconds.


Versatile.  Numerous caliber and barrel options allow the R93 to be converted into a special rifle within seconds.  Different gunstocks, from the Offroad to the Safari, are available for particularly challenging applications.


Not sure which R93 is right for you?   Build your own



Perfect for Harsh Conditions


The R93 Professional symbolizes the Blaser philosophy:  a harmonious design offering unlimited practical suitability.  The straight comb and ergonomically designed pistol grip with elastic inserts ensure secure handling even in wet weather.  The stocks are one-piece, made with a synthetic material that is shatter-proof and thermo-stable even under extreme temperatures.  Length of pull is 14 3/8, and is available with different rubber recoil pads as an option. 


Whether you choose the R93 Professional (dark green/gray) or the R93 Professional Camo (Mossy Oak design), you can rest assured that the R93 will live up to your expectations!



When the going gets tough


On big game hunts, when speed, safety and reliability are all-important, the R93 Safari is in its element.  Rifles used on safari hunts are subjected to great strain, rough handling and extreme dust and dirt.  The enclosed construction, impossible-to-lose magazine and overall sturdy construction combine a solid foundation on which to build unforgettable safari experiences!


Modular System


Caliber Changes.  When using barrels in different caliber groups, the correct bolt head is required and can be changed quickly and easily at any time.  Appropriate magazine(s) are provided with each barrel.  Calibers currently available.


Model Changes.  All R93 rifles can be refitted to meet Semi Weight, Match or Safari specifications.  This requires exchanging barrels and adding the correct forearms. 


Left Handed Option.  All R93s can be fitted with a left handed bolt and stock.  A right-handed lock can be exchanged for a left handed one at a later date.





Standard.   Basic Grade with grained action side, no engraving.  Walnut heartwood in Grade 1.


Prestige.   Grained action side with discreet arabesque engraving.  Selected grained walnut in Grade 2.


Luxus.  Great choice of animal engravings, two animals per side.  Select one of the following engravings for the left side of your action: Red Stag; Wild Boar; Moose & Bear; Kudu; Elk.  For the right side of your action, selection from Roe Deer; Chamois; Mouflon; Buffalo; White Tail Deer.  If you prefer your action without animal scenes, fine arabesque engravings, or wood sideplates in either nickel finish or anodized in black.  Selected, beautifully grained walnut in Grade 4.


Grand Luxe.  Plain elegance and classic ornaments blend together with beautifully grained walnut. Feature fine English scroll, German oak leaf patterns, or Wood sideplates.  Trigger guard, top and underside of action are hand engraved.  Wood Grade 5. 


Custom Engravings.  Special order, custom engraving is also available, and priced accordingly.


Not sure which R93 is right for you?   Build your own



Finishing Touches




 Pistol Grip Caps.  Engrave the silver end piece on the pistol grip with a favorite animal or your initials elegantly surrounded by English arabesque, old German leaf or oak leaf.  Standard grip cap engravings include Wild Bore, Elk, Lion, Deer, Sheep, Bear; or if you prefer, a portrait of your favorite hunting dog, family crest, coat of arms.  





Gunstock Magazine.  Four cartridges, snugly stowed so they will not rattle, enhance the function of the gunstock.  Engraving options range from fine arabesque, old German leaf and oak leaf patterns; animal portraits, initials or other custom engravings are possible. 





Saddle Mount


After Blaser had invented the Saddle Mount in 1993, this solution replaced all other mounting systems within the Blaser range.  No rifle adjustments are necessary.  Two inconspicuous notches in the barrel hold the one piece base.  Removing the scope together with the mount and repositioning it on the barrel is performed in no time.  After the initial zeroing-in, this procedure may be repeated as often as desired, without any loss of precision.  



The mounting device does not spoil the appearance of the rifle, nor does it disturb the barrel swing.  When shooting without a scope, there is no interference from the mount socket.  The Blaser Saddle Mount is suited for rifle scopes with or without rails.   



Not sure which Blaser R93 is right for you?   Build your own