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Semprio In-Line Repeating Rifle

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New for 2012, the Semprio is available with a Next G-1 Vista™ Forest Green or Blaze Orange camouflage stock at no additional charge. The camouflage not only adds to the rifles overall looks, but it enhances grip and incorporates a soft touch dynamic to the stock in any weather 


Total focus on the target...lightning fast repeating... 

the ultimate in safety... Krieghoff craftsmanship - the Semprio begins.…


For over a century, Krieghoff has been known for blending tradition with innovation. The Krieghoff Semprio challenges traditional thinking, propelling the hunting rifle into a new era.  



The first of its kind, the Semprio's in-line repeating action utilizes the ergonomics and kinetic forces that are produced by recoil to optimize the hunting experience. This latest addition to the Krieghoff hunting rifle line combines our hallmark quick target acquisition, safety and combi-cocking features with revolutionary ideas.


Krieghoff precision engineering took an innovative look at recoil and realized its forces could be incorporated into a revolutionary new design for a hunting rifle. The Semprio’s in-line repeating motion initiates with recoil. Rather than the conventional “pump action” of cycling the firearm towards you and then away, the Semprio’s action unlocks and guides your hand intuitively forward on friction-free sliders as the spent cartridge ejects.


The forward motion sustains the energy started by recoil, holding the rifle firmly into your shoulder. The last action of the firing sequence, pulling the rifle closed, loads a new round in the chamber, while keeping the rifle in position and immediately ready for the next shot.  Maintaining steady rifle and hand position enhances the ability to fire accurately and quickly.


The Combi-Cocking Device – state of the art multi-function device that controls all functions of the action except the actual pulling of the trigger. 

In the rear position, the possibility of accidental discharge is eliminated.  The firing mechanism is completely uncocked and the firing pin is retracted.




A turn to the right (2 o’clock position) unlocks the rifle for opening, facilitating either take down or loading.  A slight push forward on the cocking device in the 12 o’clock upright position, readies the rifle for firing.  The rifle stays cocked and ready to fire until manually returned to the uncocked position.  This integral part adds intuition and ease to function.


The Semprio offers the convenience of easy take down for storing and travel. The compact size offers you the ability of discrete transportation. The Take Down feature also allows for quick caliber changes.


Built to hunt in any arena, the Semprio becomes the champion of versatility through the addition of barrel assemblies in various calibers. The Semprio’s precision engineering and design allow for the use of multiple barrels on the same receiver without the use of tools or need to adjust point of impact.






Barrel assemblies are available with or without the forend, as the forend is easily removed using the provided wrench and universally fits all barrel assemblies.



Quick caliber changes between standard and magnum caliber groups broaden the range of the hunt. The Semprio offers this advantage with a simple change of the locking bolt to accommodate standard or magnum caliber barrel assemblies. Each locking bolt is clearly marked to correspond with the caliber group and requires no tools to change.



The Semprio’s magazine is designed to hold up to four cartridges in standard caliber and up to three cartridges in magnum caliber.  The precision design allows for rapid insertion and detachment. Extra magazines are available separately.




Standard Calibers:  .223 Rem; .243 Win.; 6.5x55; .270 Win.; 7x64; .308 Win.; .30-06 Spr.; 8x57IS; 9.3x62


Magnum Calibers:  7mm Rem.Mag.; .300 Win.Mag.; .338 Win.Mag.; .375 Ruger


Barrel length for the Standard Calibers is 21.5” (55.0 cm); Magnum Calibers is 24.8" (63.0 cm); .375 Ruger will be available in 21.5" (55.0 cm) for better performance and accuracy.  All barrels are plasma nitrated and blued to resist corrosion and are pre-machined to accept a wide variety of scope mounts.  Open sights feature a fluorescent front bead and rear sight, designed for target acquisition in low light conditions.


Action is made from a Dural aluminum alloy, allowing for an overall light weight rifle, weighing in at approximately 6.8 pounds! 


Stock and Forearm are made from Turkish walnut and available with or without the Semprio cheek piece.  Length of pull is 14 9/16” including a standard recoil pad, fitted with “Click-and-Go” sling swivels. 


Reducer.  A BreaKO recoil reducer can be installed in the buttstock, which adds approximately 14 oz.


Case.  Each Semprio will be delivered with a fitted Krieghoff 2-barrel, 2-scope case.


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