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ACS Combo

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The Krieghoff K-80 – you really can have it all. Designed for optimal performance in each game, the K-80 “American Clay Shooting” model is now available for those who want the versatility of enjoying all three clay target disciplines.


The K-80 ACS features the Krieghoff Floating Rib over/under barrel in 30” or 32” lengths, paired with a 34” Floating Rib Unsingle barrel, both delivered with factory steel chokes.  Two adjustment wedges included with the O/U barrel allow the shooter to set the POI at the flatter 50/50 or 60/40 POI, favored mainly by Skeet and Sporting shooters. With the 60/40 wedge installed, a slight stock adjustment changing the sight picture from “bead on bead” to figure eight raises the POI to 70/30, desirable for trapshooting.  The UNS barrel comes with an adjustment wheel offering POI options from 70/30 to almost a full pattern high.


The Monte Carlo Adjustable Comb Stock and Forend complements the ACS high rib profile and calls for a head up gun mount. The straighter head position broadens the range of vision for quicker target acquisition in all three clay target disciplines.


The K-80 ACS features a light scroll engraving finished in a durable nitride silver/gray finish.K-80 options such as upgraded engravings and Titanium Choke tubes are available for the ACS model. Delivered in a Krieghoff aluminum case by Americase, the K-80 ACS is ready to shoot any sport on any course, any time.

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