Alamo Sporting Arms is pleased to provide Factory Authorized In-House Service for your Krieghoff shotgun. Upon completion of his formal training at the Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School, Mike Young worked as a gunsmith at various gun shops in Pennylvania before landing a job with Krieghoff International in the mid 80’s.  It was during those years that Mr. Krieghoff saw potential in Mike, sending him to Germany for extensive training which kept him in Germany for almost 3 months.

When Mike works on your Krieghoff, rest assured that he utilizes only factory original parts.  As a Factory Authorized Service Center, Alamo Sporting Arms and Mike Young have access to any and all restricted parts required for installation of release triggers, and performing annual services on your K-80, K-20 and KX-5 or K-32.  Use of non-factory original parts can void your warranty through Krieghoff International.

Services provided by Alamo Sporting Arms range from minor tune-ups to full restorations of well used Krieghoff guns, and they include the full scope of metal and wood work.

Mike will be available at most major shoots to provide a majority of the regularly recommended maintenance to insure continued, flawless performance of your Krieghoff shotgun.  Please see our Calendar of Events for those shoots where service will be available.  If you prefer, you can contact Mike by telephone (210-829-0297) or e-mail


We offer a wide range of services for all Krieghoff firearms, whether it is a minor repair, preventative maintenance, or complete restoration.  Please contact Alamo Sporting Arms prior to shipping your gun for repair.  Making an appointment enables us to schedule your service work efficiently, allowing the fastest possible turn around time. It is our goal with most repairs to provide same day service – receive your gun in the morning’s UPS shipment, and get it back out in the evening’s UPS pickup!  To prevent any delays, please include the following information with your gun:

Your complete name, address, contact phone number, and a brief description of the work needed (or the problem you are experiencing).

Please note the current BATF regulations only allow us to return the gun to the person who sent it to us and the address it was sent from. So if you use a package service, make sure your name is still the first name on the return address. Alternatively, you can have the gun returned to someone else, if that person is an FFL holder and we have a current copy of that FFL in our files, prior to shipping.

Packing and Shipping:

Your gun should be sent in a protective case within a cardboard box. Proper packing material should be used to ensure that the gun cannot shake, rattle, or move around in the box at all. Make sure to insure each package for the full value of the gun. On return shipping, next day and second day delivery service are available at extra cost. An adult signature will be required when the gun is delivered.

Repairs are returned via UPS, unless otherwise specified. The customer is responsible for paying shipping to and from Alamo Sporting Arms for repair work. Guns are insured for current replacement value. If you do not want your shotgun returned with insurance, please check ‘no’ below. By checking the ‘no’ box, you are releasing Alamo Sporting Arms from any and all damages or losses incurred during shipment.

NOTE: Remove all aerosol cans such as gun oil spray cans prior to shipping a gun to Krieghoff International. Aerosol cans fall under hazardous materials and although not illegal to ship, shipping of hazardous materials costs an extra $30.00 for the special labeling and handling of packages, as required by law and charged by common carriers.  If we find aerosol cans with any guns, we will remove them without further notification and without compensation prior to return shipping any guns.

Annual Service and Preventative Maintenance:

This service includes checking the gun for headspace, overcock, proper tolerances of sears, ejectors and hammers and complete disassembly and replacement of springs as needed throughout the receiver and forend iron. All parts are inspected for wear and minor trigger and timing adjustments are made if needed. The gun is cleaned and lubed. The barrel is tightened to the actions when possible. Replacement of broken or badly worn parts is available, at additional cost.

Basic Service Check:

A basic service check is normally done on a gun when it has been in use for 1-2 years, depending on how much it has been shot. The service includes removal of wood, inspection of all working parts for wear and proper timing, complete cleaning and lubrication of receiver, forend iron and barrel.

Barrel Work:

Barrel service including porting, replacing sights, removing dents, fitting barrels to your receiver and restamping of numbers and gauge markings.

Trigger Services:

We can adjust the weight of pull, pre-travel or creep, engagement, safety and selecting on your trigger. Factory specified trigger pull weight on K-80 guns is 3 1/2 lbs. for the bottom barrel and 4 pounds for top barrel.  Trigger pull weight can be lightened, as close to your specifications as possible, without compromising operational safety of the gun.

Should you decide that you need a “release” trigger in your gun, Alamo Sporting Arms, a Factory Authorized Service Center, can convert your pull triggers to release triggers, using only factory original parts.  Single release triggers are available in models KS-5, KX-5.  Single or double releases triggers are available in the K-80 and K-32.

Should you decide that you wish to convert your triggers from release to pull, Alamo Sporting Arms can restore your gun back to factory pull specifications.

The sear springs can be updated in older serial number K-32 and K-80 guns. This is the conversion from wire springs to coil springs for better reliability and trigger pull weight consistency. K-80 shotguns manufactured after 1990 will already have the coil-style sear springs.

Metal Refinishing:

Re-blueing is desirable when your receiver and/or barrel show the signs of wear.   Any rust or pitting should be taken care of before it takes its toll on the function or value of your gun.   We offer complete restoration of K-80 and K-32 blueing from just the top latch or trigger guard to a complete 4-barrel set.   All metal refinishing requires complete disassembly.  We inspect, clean and lubricate all parts when the gun is re-assembled.   Minor repairs or replacements are included in the base price.

If your receiver has a nickel finish, it can also be put back to new condition; requiring shipment of your receiver to the Krieghoff factory in Ulm, Germany, and will usually take around four to six months for the complete job.  If this is required, Alamo Sporting Arms will do all it can to provide you with a receiver so you can continue shooting.

Woodwork and Refinishing:

Alamo Sporting Arms installs a variety of adjustable butt plate devices, recoil reducers, recoil pads or inlet your stock to change for cast and drop.

Stock refinishing.  While some minor dents and scratches can be raised or buffed out; it is usually best to completely refinish both the stock and forearm.  Alamo Sporting Arms offers your choice of a soft sheen satin urethane finish (standard Krieghoff factory finish); high gloss urethane finish; deep hand-rubbed walnut oil finish; or the popular “Tru-Oil” finish (standard on Classic Rifles).


Personalize your Krieghoff by adding any number of accessories offered on Krieghoff’s Online Shop.  Krieghoff International has a special line of gold inlay top latches and trigger guards that can be installed on your gun. Birds, dogs with geese, broken targets, eagles and American flags are all available in top latches and trigger guards, in nickel, nitride and blue finishes. Personalize your gun with your initials in gold on a special trigger guard, or add a gold target top latch just for a little added style.   Here are just a sample from Krieghoff International’s Online Shop!  Check back often, and Krieghoff gets new shipments each month.  Let Mike know which top latch, trigger guard or front hanger you want added to your Krieghoff.